Fully Managed Dedicated Servers

We provide Fully Managed Dedicated Servers for all types of businesses. With knowledgeable & experienced support staff, Intel/AMD processors, DDR4 RAM, SSD drives, you will love the speed.

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Nearly three years of experience managing servers for our clients. That knowledge translates to a better quality product & service and a deeper knowledge we pass along to our customers.


Let us handle all the technical aspects of your server. That means OS, Kernel, proactive security, and advanced tuning for optimal speed and performance under load for your web application. Select the Gold Management option at checkout.

ddos protection

Each and every server comes with it’s very own Basic DDOS protection. You are guarded against the most common DDOS attacks with us. You can also purchase Advanced DDOS Protection which will safeguard your server against bigger and complex DDOS attacks.

enterprise grade hardware

From ECC Registered RAM’s, Datacenter specific SSD’s, Hardware RAID’s, we use only server grade hardware on all of our Dedicated Servers for maximum performance.

POWERED BY xeon/EPYC servers

By using powerful Xeon or Epyc servers, lots of RAM, RAID drives, your website gains unbeatable performance, and redundancy,  available to the biggest brands in the world.

daily BACKUPS available

Your entire server can be backed up daily and stored on our secured backup servers via R1Soft. Request a restore easily, by just creating a ticket.


Real experts that use technology every day that know the ins and outs of getting the most from the servers and websites. Support is available 24.7.


Select from either Self-Managed, Silver Managed, or Gold Management Plans as per your requirements.

excellent network infrastructure

With over 8 network providers, 7 peer exchanges, lots of Gbps network capacity, and DDOS protection makes the network excellent for any environment.



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A dedicated server is a type of remote server (one that is not located on your premises) that is exclusively dedicated to a single individual, organization or application. It is usually deployed, hosted and managed by a hosting, cloud or managed service provider. It is not shared with any other customers, services or applications unless multiple servers exist within that infrastructure. Typically, a dedicated server is rented on a monthly basis and provides a stated amount of memory, hard disk space, and bandwidth to a client as this typically saves router, internet connection, security system, and network administration costs.

Most businesses require a dedicated server for the following reasons:

Reliability: A dedicated server is a consistently more reliable option when high levels of traffic exist or are expected. In a dedicated server environment, you get maximum performance that is explicitly dedicated to your website, web app or platform. This allows your server to be far more stable.

Security: A dedicated server has a superior level of security out of the box. You do not need to worry about things like a DDoS attacks trying to bring down your site because another site or client is located on the same machine.

Resources: Because a dedicated server has more resources that are focused on your environment, its speed is consistently greater than that of other platforms. This increase in speed can be directly related to a positive increase in site rankings. Additionally, a dedicated server can be configured to have more raw computing power than a VPS can provide.

Hardware: The servers hardware has regular maintenance as the host will replace aging parts, and also monitor performance. With a dedicated server, you can alter the way your server needs to run so that it performs with more flexibility and efficiently Also, there is no overhead for purchasing or maintaining equipment

Customizable: A dedicated server is completely customizable to your needs. It offers more precise control and configurable options, which allows you to customize the components to meet your specific needs.

Our highly trained staff are ready to manage your hardware, web server and even offer “Beyond Scope” support for software that is not covered under our fully managed umbrella.

Our servers come with only one level of management, Full Management that is suited to meet your specific needs.

A VPS is an emulation of a computer, also known as a virtual private server, that lives within a parent server and shares resources with other virtual servers. A Dedicated Server is a stand-alone, physical server that does not share resources. Because a VPS shares finite resources with other Virtual instances on the parent, overuse of can lead to less than optimal performance for any resource-intensive applications, which is why Dedicated Servers often outperform VPS instances.

Cloud VPS and Dedicated servers share several overlapping qualities, but most importantly, the Dedicated Servers provide greater security, extra customization options, and higher availability and uptime. With more granular controls, you are free to customize hardware components like CPU, disk space and RAM as well as the use of a unique operating system. These allow Dedicated servers increased performance for high traffic sites. When uptime and performance are critical to your business, Dedicated Servers are unrivaled in performance and value.


Absolutely! Because Dedicated Servers provide multiple advantages over VPS servers, it’s no wonder that customers often switch to a server that is more advantageous to them. We have a highly trained team committed to migrating VPS over to Dedicated Servers with minimal downtime in mind.

Whether you are looking to have more room for customization or if you just have outgrown your VPS environment, our Migrations Team is here to make the transition as smooth as possible.

As we provide you with a Fully Managed Server, we do not provide you with Root Access to the server.

Although we state that our servers go online within 24 hours, the reality is most of them are deployed within just 12-14 hours from the time we receive payment.

Upgrade to a better CPU, increase RAM, or add more hard drives quickly and easily at your convenience. Open a support ticket with our Sales Team for pricing of the upgraded hardware and, on acceptance, we will coordinate with you to determine the best time to perform your upgrade.

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