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We provide Fully Managed VPS Servers for all applications.
With knowledgeable & experienced support staff,
Apache+NginX, Redis, SSD drives, you will love the speed.


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NameProcessorRAMStorageTransferPricingGet Started
DO-1GB1 Core1 GB25GB1 TB$10/monthDeploy Now
DO-2GB1 Core2 GB50GB2 TB$20/monthDeploy Now
DO-4GB2 Core4 GB80GB4 TB$40/monthDeploy Now
DO-8GB4 Core8 GB160GB5 TB$75/monthDeploy Now
DO-16GB6 Core16 GB320GB6 TB$130/monthDeploy Now
DO-32GB8 Core32 GB640GB7 TB$220/monthDeploy Now
Linode-1GB1 Core1 GB25GB1 TB$10/monthStart Now
Linode-2GB1 Core2 GB50GB2 TB$20/monthStart Now
Linode-4GB2 Core4 GB80GB4 TB$45/monthStart Now
Linode-8GB4 Core8 GB160GB5 TB$80/monthStart Now
Linode-16GB6 Core16 GB320GB8 TB$145/monthStart Now
Linode-32GB8 Core32 GB640GB16 TB$240/monthStart Now
Vultr-1GB1 Core1 GB25GB1 TB$10/monthStart Now
Vultr-2GB1 Core2 GB55GB2 TB$20/monthStart Now
Vultr-4GB2 Core4 GB80GB3 TB$40/monthStart Now
Vultr-8GB4 Core8 GB160GB4 TB$80/monthStart Now
Vultr-16GB6 Core16 GB320GB5 TB$140/monthStart Now
Vultr-32GB8 Core32 GB640GB6 TB$230/monthStart Now
VultrHF-1GB1 Core1 GB32GB1 TB$12/monthStart Now
VultrHF-2GB1 Core2 GB64GB2 TB$24/monthStart Now
VultrHF-4GB2 Core4 GB128GB3 TB$48/monthStart Now
VultrHF-8GB3 Core8 GB256GB4 TB$96/monthStart Now
VultrHF-16GB4 Core16 GB384GB5 TB$155/monthStart Now
VultrHF-32GB8 Core32 GB512GB6 TB$255/monthStart Now
UpCloud-1GB1 Core1 GB25GB1 TB$10/monthStart Now
UpCloud-2GB1 Core2 GB50GB2 TB$20/monthStart Now
UpCloud-4GB2 Core4 GB80GB4 TB$40/monthStart Now
UpCloud-8GB4 Core8 GB160GB5 TB$80/monthStart Now
UpCloud-16GB6 Core16 GB320GB6 TB$140/monthStart Now
UpCloud-32GB8 Core32 GB640GB7 TB$230/monthStart Now

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A VPS or Virtual Private Server is a virtual operating system (or instance) that resides inside a parent server and shares resources with other virtual servers. The parent server divides up resources between all of the virtual servers via software called a hypervisor. The hypervisor creates and runs the VPS instances.

A VPS instance is just like a regular server and is managed through an easy to use control panel. Since a VPS duplicates many of the properties of a physical server, it also provides similar functionality and processes.

In a VPS setting, you’ll have full control to resize your server up to accommodate spikes in traffic or, scale it down for post-seasonal businesses. The ability to upgrade or downgrade allows you to pay for only the resources you use on the VPS.

VPS servers not only provide peace of mind for small to medium businesses but they also offer a robust combination of ancillary benefits:

  • Quick Resizing for Changes in Traffic Flow
  • Only Pay for What You Use
  • Host Unlimited Sites (based on the resources available)
  • Very Cost-effective
  • Contract-Free Hosting
  • Multiple OS Choices Available
  • Daily Backups
  • Highly Stable and Secure
  • Fully Dedicated to you (No overselling)

All our VPS plans are Fully Managed. We manage the whole server for you. Our management includes, OS and Kernel updates, PHP and MySQL tuning, setting up your web applications, securing your server with Firewall, securing your web application with SSL Certificates, etc.

When you rent a server with us, you can concentrate totally on growing your business, and we will take care of all the backend infrastructure to help keep you moving forward.

You don’t have to hire an expert to find a VPS server that is right for you. Your current hosting provider can provide details about your OS, CPU, RAM, and Disk usage to help you make an informed decision. Also, any current traffic logs can help narrow down your choice even further!

If you are new to hosting or don’t know your current set up, contact our helpful Support Team! Our team of experts is waiting 24.7 to assess your needs and make those tough decisions for you. Get used to a group of experts on your side!


Yes, All our VPS are equipped with RAID 10 mirrored drives. So your data is always available in two copies on the server. If a drive fails, the data is served from the second drive immediately, making sure that there is no data loss.

Also, in a drive failure scenario, we replace the drive that has failed within a few hours. This ensures that your application is up and running without an issue.

As all our VPS are Fully Managed, we do not provide ROOT access to the server.

If you are looking for custom setups, please do get in touch with us, as we accommodate most of our customer’s requirements easily.

We set up each VPS manually within 24 hours after knowing the customer’s use case. We optimize your VPS according to your custom requirements.

This way each customer gets the best out of his VPS and money.

Absolutely! If your business goes through seasons or if you’re about to debut a new product line, your VPS can be upgraded or adjusted to accommodate additional traffic.

Being able to scale not only means that you’ll have the power to meet all of your customers’ requests, but you will also be able to scale down so you won’t be paying for resources you don’t use or need!

Just create a ticket, pay the difference and your new VPS with upgrades is ready to take on the traffic.

Hivium is a Fully Managed Hosting Platform designed to exceed the needs of media, business, and every customer alike. We help everyone with the best Managed Hosting Solution for their business.