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Hivium provides next-level high performance CDN with a strong focus on speed and scale.

Migrate to Hivium, and experience loading speeds you have never seen before.

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  • Enterprise & Premium Network

  • Over 96% Cache-Hit Ratio

  • 1400+ POPs

  • Powerful WAF

  • Image Optimization

Why Choose Hivium's HyperCDN Platform?

HyperCDN helps increase your website loading time from a snail’s pace into a rocket.
At Hivium, we developed the ultimate HyperCDN service: fast, secure, and easy to use.
Global Network

1400+ POPs

From Albania to Zambia, POPs are located all over the world to achieve maximum performance.

LiteSpeed Server

Upto 50% Lesser Load

With HyperCDN's Edge Caching technology, your web server loads will reduce by up to 50% on an average.

NVMe Drive

SSD/NVMe Disks

We run servers, with Enterprise grade SSD/NVMe disks for maximum performance.


Tier-1 Network

Our network is powered by carefully selected providers with top-tier data centers all over the world.

DDOS Protected

DDOS Protection

All our PoPs are equipped and resilient against the most complex threats with multi-layer defense.

Web Application Firewall

Intelligent WAF

Protect your business-critical web applications from attacks via our in-built web application firewall.

Rate Limiting

Rate Limiting

We protect your application against abusive behavior — DDoS, brute force login, etc. via our rate limiting rules.

Image Optimization

Image Optimization

All the images uploaded to our CDN are automatically resized, optimized, stored, and delivered.

Bot Management

Bot Management

We manage good / bad bots, and stop bad bots with our inbuilt threat intelligence system.


Fast and Affordable CDN
14.99Per Month
  • 140+ POPs
  • Global Coverage

  • 110+ Tbps Capacity

  • 1 TB Bandwidth

  • 10 GB Storage

  • Bandiwdth Overage Protection

  • DDOS Protected

  • Powered by Gcore

Fastest CDN on Earth
27.99Per Month
  • 1400+ POPs
  • Global Coverage

  • 800+ Tbps Capacity

  • 1 TB Bandwidth

  • 20 GB Storage

  • Bandiwdth Overage Protection

  • DDOS Protected

  • Powered by Akamai

Enterprise Plus
Fastest CDN + Extras
119.99Per Month
  • 1400+ POPs
  • Global Coverage

  • 800+ Tbps Capacity

  • 1 TB Bandwidth

  • 50 GB Storage

  • Adaptive Image Compression

  • Image Optimization

  • Web Application Firewall

  • Page Prefetching

  • SureRoute

  • PreConnect

  • CSS & JS Optimization

  • Bandwidth Overage Protection

  • DDOS Protected

  • Powered by Akamai

Frequently Asked Questions

HyperCDN is the foundation for your global infrastructure, applications and business. HyperCDN seamlessly integrates state of the art DDoS and web protection for your applications.

HyperCDN provides you with a global infrastructure for your CDN requirements.

We will issue a subdomain for you which can be used as a host for your CDN.

Just enter the sub-domain on any of the plugins/extensions available for your application and we will take up everything from there.

Yes. HyperCDN Enterprise Plus will optimize all the images that are hosted on your website. The service will convert the JPG or PNG images to either WebP or AVIF and serve them for lowest size, with highest quality saving you bandwidth.

We have three plans available and the Premium and Enterprise provide almost the same set of features. The Enterprise plan powered by Akamai, has more POP’s and better global coverage as compared to our premium offering which is powered by Gcore.

If your customers are distributed across the world, and you need the absolute best experience for them, we suggest going with the Enterprise plan.

The Enterprise Plus plan provides you many more extras over the standard plans.

The HyperCDN Enterprise Plus will provide you with a WAF for your application.

The WAF will help stop DDOS and complex attacks on your application. The WAF also keeps learning and improving everytime an attack is detected and mitigated.

Yes. With HyperCDN you are provided with an Always Online Technology, where even if your origin is down, your visitors will be able to view your website/application.

Absolutely. It is very easy to switch plans, just create a ticket and let us know to which plan you would like to switch.

Our team will switch the plan for you in less than 24 hours.

Yes. We can help you add extra bandwidth to your account when you need it.

Once you think that the current quota might fall short, you can raise a ticket with us to migrate to the next available tier.

Our team will then migrate your account to the next tier.

No. The current allocated bandwidth in your plan is available only for the current billing period. The bandwidth quota will expire once the billing period is over.

Both of our plans come with Bandwidth overage protection.

This enables the service to automatically suspend once the quota is over to prevent from extra charges.

Our system will automatically send you an email when you are near your quota limit.

HyperCDN cache is purged automatically for all customers after a fixed time interval.

Currently, manual purge is not available via the customer portal, but we are working on bringing a solution to purge cache manually when needed.

Yes. You will pay the same fee for your renewal that you have paid the first time while signing up.