About Us

Obsessed with Performance

You know how a car buff would be all in while crafting their ultimate wheels? That’s pretty much us, but with web hosting. We absolutely live for this stuff and are always tinkering around with our servers to squeeze out every bit of speed possible.

Hivium is Growing

Beginning with just one single server in 2019, Hivium has experienced exponential growth, now boasting over a hundred servers scattered across the globe. The inauguration of the HyperCDN in 2021 was a crucial step forward, followed closely by the introduction of Managed VPS and Dedicated Servers in 2022. Our most recent advancement is the 2024 launch of our Fully Managed Cloud solution. Our sustained development is a testament to our commitment to continuous expansion.

We are Global

We serve hundreds of clients from 50+ countries around the globe. The only continent we haven’t reached yet is Antarctica.

Our Core Values

Our principles serve as a guiding light, directing our decisions and actions, and they require consistent nurturing. Our team is given the autonomy and assurance to uphold these principles while making key decisions and developing unique strategies for your benefit, enabling you to create victorious digital experiences. The part we play in your business journey, inspires and humbles us significantly.
When it’s right for the customer and the company, and you’re proud of your decision, you’ve done the right thing.
We are grateful for our role in our customers’ lives; when they win, we win.
We are proud of our work when it is intentionally designed and thoughtfully crafted.
We believe that great leaders give back and inspire others to do the same.
When we win, we celebrate our success and stay hungry. When we fail, we embrace opportunities to improve and learn.
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